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Bilingual Books for kids

Counting Sweden Räkna med Sverige.jpg

Counting Sweden - Räkna med Sverige

One Midsummer pole, two Vikings or three crowns? Just imagine how many typically Swedish things there are to count. Kids will have fun counting from one to ten while learning to recognise some of Sweden’s most loved national symbols and traditions.


My First Book About Sweden - Min Första Bok Om Sverige

From cinnamon rolls, to Dala horses, Vikings and more - this bilingual picture book will help you introduce your kids to Swedish culture, traditions and fun.

the easter party.jpg

The Easter party - Påskfesten

It’s Easter eve, and all the animals in the forest are very curious about what Hoppe the hare is up to. He cycles through the woods and borrows a lot of unusual things from his friends. A barrel full of fishing rods, an apron and a bunch of feathers. What on earth does he need it all for? The animals find out when the Easter party finally starts.

This is a bilingual edition, and the whole book can be enjoyed in Swedish or English - perfect for bilingual families.

Tomtens jul santas christmas counting book

Santa’s Christmas - Tomtens jul

Want your kids to count in Swedish and English this Christmas? ‘Santa’s Christmas - Tomtens Jul’ is a fun counting book in both languages that you and your toddler will enjoy reading together.

They’ll discover some typically Swedish Christmas words and have lots of fun counting from 1-15 with Santa.


Are your kids learning swedish and german?


Lernen Ihre Kinder Schwedisch? „Mein erstes Buch über Schweden” ist ein zweisprachiges Buch auf Schwedisch und Deutsch, mit dem Sie und Ihr Kleinkind gemeinsam Spaß haben werden.

kindle cover Tomtens jul no bleed German-100.jpg

Weihnachten mit dem Weihnachtsmann – Tomtens Jul

Möchten Sie Ihren Kindern dieses Weihnachten das Zählen auf Schwedisch und Deutsch beibringen? „Weihnachten mit dem Weihnachtsmann – Tomtens Jul“ ist ein lustiges Zählbuch in beiden Sprachen, mit dem Sie und Ihr Kleinkind gemeinsam Spaß haben werden.


printables & Ebooks

Artboard 1-100.jpg

Forest animals - skogens djur

Are your kids learning Swedish? All kids love animals, and here's a super cute resource that you can print at home, or let them view on your favourite screen. You'll get seven animal pictures with their corresponding names in both Swedish and English.

Lär du dina barn svenska? Alla ungar älskar djur, och här får du en jättegullig PDF som du kan skriva ut hemma eller visa på iPaden, eller datorn. Du får sju olika djurbilder med namnen på både svenska och engelska.

Sweden memory game.png

Sweden Memory Game

From Dala horses, to Midsummer poles and meatballs – this is a fun memory game about everything that's typically Swedish! Each 'pair' consists of the Swedish and English word - so the whole family can join in and learn.

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About the author

Hi, I'm Linda. I'm a Swedish mum living among the rolling green hills of Surrey in the United Kingdom together with my Dutch husband, bouncy toddler, and boisterous Swiss dog. As you can tell we're an international bunch and we speak English at home.

I write bilingual children's books in Swedish and English to be able to share my first language, and a bit of Swedish culture with our young bookworm whose first language is English.

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