Rune stones, Cinnamon rolls and a New Bilingual Book!


As I’m writing this, the summer holidays are drawing to a close here in sunny England. And what a great summer we’ve had! I had a dream to give my little boy a flavour of the summer holidays of my childhood and we spent two and a half glorious weeks in Sweden.

We managed to fit in swimming in both lakes and the sea, fishing, troll safari, rune stones, and so much fika that my jeans are too tight now! (OMG chocolate balls and cinnamon rolls are just soooooo good!)

A couple of weeks in Sweden is so much more than just a wonderful holiday though. It means the world to be able to bring context to all the Swedish words I’m trying to share with my son. As you probably know, I’m trying to teach him Swedish from abroad, and it can be tough being the only one who speaks Swedish in the family – so hanging around friends and family who also speaks the language really helps to bring meaning to it all.

And something I’ve realised along the way is that a language is so much more than just words, too. The words we learn as kids help bring meaning to culture and traditions. And that’s where the magic really happens and our kids start understanding their roots on a deeper level. In other words, bring on the cinnamon rolls and chocolate balls - it's not sweets, it's culture! :-)

We have some very special words, and symbols in Sweden that I wanted to share with our boy – and to make that a little easier, I came up with a new book called Counting Sweden – Räkna med Sverige.

It’s jam-packed with Dala horses, Easter witches, meatballs, Vikings and so many more typically Swedish things along with some fun and easy counting exercises your kids will love. And there are some fun facts about Sweden, too.

Counting Sweden Book cover.jpg

The book is out now in paperback and e-book formats, plus a new print at home format that I think will be great for school projects, or cool posters for your kids' rooms. You can find the book here.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it with your kids as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Until next time, tack och hej.